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  • Accelerometer

    €530.00 Price

    Κωδικός : MOVE.ACCEL

    The Move Accelerometer SHM can measure the acceleration of the point where it is installed, on the three axes, with high resolution. All of these...

  • Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter

    €430.00 Price

    Κωδικός : MOVE.INCL

    The Wireless Triaxial Tiltmeter measures the inclination and temperature of the point where it is installed relative to the gravitational axis.

  • Gateway SHM

    €770.00 Price

    Κωδικός : SHM

    The SHM Gateway is a control unit for receiving and sending data with which, thanks to the wide-range communication protocol LoRaWAN, it is possible to...