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  • Videoscope BO26

    €280.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510009126

    The BO26 allows visual inspections even in hard-to-reach places, which can be saved not only as a photo but also as a video sequence for...

  • Videoscope sensor BO26

    €79.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510009241

    Replacement probe for the BO26 videoscope with a diameter of 6.0 mm and a length of 3,000 mm.

  • Thermohygrometer BC06

    €25.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205005

    Whether measuring the climate in living rooms, offices, production rooms or warehouses, laboratories, agriculture or floriculture - thanks to the...

  • Room Thermohygrometer BZ05

    €10.50 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205010

    Space Temperature Map BZ05

    You know those spy thrillers where a pen only looks like a pen at first glance? The same goes for...

  • Sound Level Meter BS06

    €35.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205051

    With the BS06 the sound level of a wide variety of noise sources can be reliably recorded in a measurement range of 40 to 130 dB (A). In...

  • Gas Detector BG20

    €165.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205060

    BG20 Carbon Monoxide Meter

    The hand-held device is ready for operation within seconds of having been switched on and...

  • Luxmeter BF06

    €37.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205081

    Precise light measurement don't need to be luxury: This compact mini lux meter enables precise brightness measurements in indoor and outdoor...

  • Voltage Detector BE15

    €8.50 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205216

    The BE15 is a non-contact phase tester, which enables not only the quick localisation of line breakage in open cables (for example by cable...

  • Voltage Tester BE20

    €24.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205230

    The BE20 allows you to carry out voltage testing, optical and acoustic flow testing, bipolar rotary field testing and unipolar phase testing.

  • Clamp Meter BE40

    €45.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205240

    The professional clamp meter can be used to measure indirect electric currents quickly and easily.

  • Digital Multi-Meter BE50

    €45.00 Price

    Κωδικός : 3510205250

    The BE50 is a digital multi-meter like you've always wanted: it is widely suitable for a whole host of applications which are not only...