P40 Agricultural Drone

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XAG P40 is a high-performance unmanned aerial system crafted for the optimum smart agriculture solution. Relentlessly improved with eyes on every detail that develops the perfect type of industrial design, it creates new dimensions of operation efficiency, precision and safety.


Precise and Efficient

Delivery Rotary atomisation spraying, high-speed granule spreading, best performance yet.

Autonomous on All-terrain

Preload 3D landform, enhanced flight safety.

RTK CM-level Positioning

Dual RTK and optic flow positioning combine to navigate at high accuracy.

Megaflow Peristaltic Pumps

Enable 7.2L/min maximum flow rate.

Megaflow Peristaltic Pumps

Up to 16000rpm rotation speed ensures ultimate spraying uniformity.

85-550μm Adjustable Droplet Size

Better absorbed by various crops.

Max. 20L Capacity

Automatic obstacle avoidance now in four dimensions.

15min Super Charge

Or flexible support of 12L/16L (liquid) and 16L (granule).

MIMO 4D Imaging Radar

2 smart batteries and 1 Auto SuperCharge Station render non-stop operation.

Variable-Rate Spray Control

On-demand refilling, Bluetooth task info sync.

Smart Liquid Tank

Real-time regulate flowrate according to flight speed.

Automatic Liquid Refiller

Real-time volume sensing, Bluetooth task info sync.

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Xag P40

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